Weathercaster Endorsement Committee

Comité d’agrément des présentateurs météo

Terms of Reference / Termes de référence

Members / membres

Rob Haswell (Chair)
WITI - Fox 6
Milwaukee, WI, USA
Email / Courriel:

Ian Rutherford
Telephone / Téléphone: 613-990-0300
Fax / Télécopieur: 613-990-1617
Email / Courriel:

Claire Martin
Toronto ON
Telephone / Téléphone: 416-205-8945
Fax / Télécopieur: 416-205-8795
Email / Courriel:

Bob Jones
Ottawa, ON, K2G 0R5
Telephone / Téléphone: 613-820-6336
Fax / Télécopieur: 613-820-6336 (please phone first / svp téléphonez auparavant):
Email / Courriel:

Bill Pugsley
Ottawa ON
Telephone / Téléphone:  613-731-0145
Email / Courriel:

Terms of Reference

1. To foster the establishment and maintenance of a high level of professional competency and ethical behaviour for those engaged in the presentation of weather and weather warnings to the public (i. e. weathercasters).

2. To ensure that the qualifications of Canadian weathercasters endorsed by the Society are credible by:

2.1. defining, maintaining and revising as necessary, the requirements and criteria for CMOS endorsement of weathercasters in radio, television or both;

2.2. arranging for peer review of the applications for endorsement and, following Council approval of the recommendations, advising applicants of the decisions made; and

2.3. maintaining a list of CMOS Endorsed Weathercasters.

3. To support the CMOS Executive and Council on broadcast matters as required.

Committee Level: This is a Council-appointed Committee.

Mode of Operation: The Committee will normally work and meet by e-mail and will hold at least one teleconference per year. It may also appoint ad hoc working or study groups as required.

Membership and Terms of Office: There shall be 3 or more members of the committee, each appointed for a three-year term with the option to renew. 

Report: The Committee will produce an annual report in accordance with Appendix III to the By-Laws.

Approved by CMOS Council: September 23, 2004

Termes de référence

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