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The Ottawa Centre is comprised of about 90 CMOS members. The Centre holds monthly meetings downtown from September through May.  Our meetings are open to members and the public.  Meetings start with lunch followed by a presentation by an invited speaker and discussion. Occasionally our meetings are joint with partner groups or societies.  About every ten years, the Ottawa Centre hosts the annual CMOS Congress.

Outreach activities aimed at high school, university and post graduate students are a priority for the Ottawa Centre. We judge and provide prizes at regional science fairs in Ottawa and Gatineau.


Upcoming Luncheon Meeting - Wednesday 14 December 2016

SPEAKER:  Ljubomir Nikolic PhD, Canadian Hazards Information Service, Natural Resources Canada

TITLE:  The Dark Side of the Sun: Space Weather and its Impacts

ABSTRACT:  This is a talk about our moody Sun and the hazards that it poses.  

Throughout history, we did not think much about the Sun as a threat, but our opinion was significantly changed by an event in 1859.  Back then, we still believed that the auroras are reflection of light from icebergs in the north. The 1959 event was the first time we documented a powerful solar eruption (R. C. Carrington), its terrestrial manifestation and impacts on the human activities. Mr. O. S. Wood, Superintendent of the Canadian Telegraph, wrote at that time: "I never witnessed anything like the extraordinary effect of the aurora borealis, between Quebec and Father's Point, last night...  so completely were the wires under the influence of the aurora borealis, that it was impossible to communicate..."

Another example was the collapse of the Hydro-Quebec power grid in 1989 reminding us that space weather, the chain of Sun-to-Earth phenomena, poses a hazard.  In the age where our society is more and more dependent on technology, vulnerability to space weather is an increasing concern.

Rideau  Canal Junior Ranks Mess, 4 Queen Elizabeth Drive, Ottawa.  Side entrance, Harmony Room, 4th floor (elevator available)

COST:  $25 non members; $20 members & their spouses; students $10

TIME 12:00 noon, Wednesday 14 December 2016

MENU:  Traditional Turkey Dinner: Slow roasted turkey with stuffing, creamy mashed potatoes, peas and carrots, and assorted squares

PARKING:  On street parking in the vicinity

RSVP:  Please confirm your attendance by Friday 9 December by Doodle (click here)

Alternatively, please contact any of the following to be added to our list, or if you have problems with Doodle:

Martin Gauthier 613-730 7608 ext 2520; email: martin.gauthier@rwdi.com
Ann McMillan 613-831-5851; email: mcmillan@storm.ca
Paul Pestieau 613-990-6855; email:  Paul.Pestieau@canada.ca
Bob Jones 613-820-6336; email:  jonesb@ncf.ca
Daria Bradbury 613-949-9119; email:  Daria.Bradbury@dfo-mpo.gc.ca
Tom Zagon: 613-992-8431; email:  tom.zagon@canada.ca

CANCELLATION:  If you need to cancel, please change your Doodle information as soon as
possible or let a contact person know so we can cancel your food order.

NEXT MEETING:  25 January 2017, details tba


The Canadian Association for the Club of Rome (CACOR) (collaborator with CMOS Ottawa)

CACOR cordially invites you to a Luncheon

Title: Water For Life

Date: Wednesday December 7th 2016

Speaker: Joseph Kennedy

Time: 12-2pm

Place: Army Officers' Mess, 149 Somerset Street West, Ottawa

Cost:  $25 general admission; $20 for members, their spouses and student guests. The downstairs ante-room and dining area will be open at 11:30 for those who wish to meet and greet friends and colleagues prior to lunch.

Please confirm attendance by replying to this address on or before Monday December 5th. Please remember that CACOR is responsible for payment of guests who have registered. If you register and need to change your commitment, please inform us as well before Monday December 5th. Thank you for your assistance in this matter. We unfortunately will follow up with an invoice for those who were not able to honour their commitment.

In order to accommodate all members, associates and guests please indicate your presence to this event as soon as possible. Please indicate as well your dietary needs. The Mess can prepare alternative for either vegetarian or vegan meals.

About the presentation:

Earth is a water planet.  Water is the connector to all forms of life on earth. Water is the major constituent in humans, animals and plants.  Clean water is essential for good health.  Much of the water on the planet has been contaminated and obtaining clean water is becoming an increasing challenge.

There is an imperative and widespread need for new, economical technologies to improve water quality and Joseph will speak about the EOS-2000, a transformative technology, which WCI started introducing to the market about 12 years ago.

About the speaker:

Joseph Kennedy, P. Eng., graduated in chemical engineering from Queen's University in 1967, and completed graduate studies in environmental engineering from the University of Western Ontario in 1969.  Since graduation he has been dedicated to the environmental improvement business area focusing on the design, development, and operation of sustainable waste, water, and wastewater systems throughout North America and many other countries.

He is founder and president of WCI Waste Conversion Inc. in 1987 later to become WCI Environmental Solutions Inc. in 2006.  WCI Environmental Solutions Inc. is an Ottawa-based environmental engineering company that provides innovative treatment of water, wastewater, organic waste and biosolids.

Our next CACOR luncheon will be on Wednesday January 18th 2017

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Ottawa Science Exchange and Partner Meeting Notices (notices closest to the current date are on top)

*Laurentian Chapter of the Society of Environmental Toxicology and
Chemistry- Ottawa Pub Night- Wednesday November 30th*

*CHANGE IN SPEAKER- Laurentian SETAC Ottawa Pub Night- Wednesday November

Due to unforeseen circumstances, our speaker for this month has changed.
Gail Haarsma, of Environment and Climate Change Canada, will tell us about
the new Federal Sustainable Development Strategy.  If you are interested in
environmental sustainability and what the federal government is doing on climate
change, clean tech, water, nature, or greening government operations, then the
Federal Sustainable Development Strategy (FSDS) is the one place to go!

Philippe Thomas’ presentation “Monitoring the impacts of exposure to
alkylated-PAHs in a bioindicator species the River Otter (*Lontra
canadensis*) through Community-Based Monitoring Programs” will be POSTPONED
until the New Year.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

When: Wednesday November 30th from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m.

Location: Clock Tower Brew Pub, 575 Bank Street, Ottawa

Cost: $1 members, $3 non-members


Ottawa Centre Archives - Please follow this link for past meeting notices, slides from recent lunch presentations, executive members, previous speakers by topic and year, minutes of executive meetings and much more.

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