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The Ottawa Centre is comprised of about 90 CMOS members. The Centre holds monthly meetings downtown from September through May.  Our meetings are open to members and the public.  Meetings start with lunch followed by a presentation by an invited speaker and discussion. Occasionally our meetings are joint with partner groups or societies.  About every ten years, the Ottawa Centre hosts the annual CMOS Congress.

Outreach activities aimed at high school, university and post graduate students are a priority for the Ottawa Centre. We judge and provide prizes at regional science fairs in Ottawa and Gatineau.


Upcoming Luncheon Meeting - Tuesday 24 October 2017

SPEAKER:  Geoff Strong, Atmospheric Scientist

:  Global Warming Impacts - Present and Future Scenarios

ABSTRACT:  While Arctic regions have been warming faster than anywhere else on Earth, the impacts of global warming have been most severe over the sub-tropics where about half the human race lives. Most disturbing of all is the desertification of the sub-tropics caused by the expansion of Earth's great deserts, leading to severe prolonged droughts and famines rivalling any in recorded history.  

Conditions in those regions most seriously affected by global warming, particularly Africa and the middle east, and how this has translated into climate refugees, will be described. The talk will include speculation on the dynamics that lead to desertification in many regions, but which also allow heavy rains and flooding in immediate adjacent areas. Finally, comparison will be made of today's conditions with the reality of future scenarios, and why action on solutions to the global problem must start at the grass roots, with individuals. This may finally be happening, but the question remains: is it too late?

Rideau Canal Junior Ranks Mess, 4 Queen Elizabeth Drive, Ottawa.  Side entrance, Harmony Room, 4th floor (elevator available)

COST:  $25 non members; $20 members & their spouses; students $10

TIME 12:00 noon

MENU:  tba

PARKING:  On street parking in the vicinity

RSVP:  Please confirm your attendance no later than Friday 20 October by Doodle (click here)

Alternatively, please contact any of the following to be added to our list, or if you have problems with Doodle:

Martin Gauthier 613-730 7608 ext 2520; email: martin.gauthier@rwdi.com
Ann McMillan 613-831-5851; email: mcmillan@storm.ca
Paul Pestieau 613-990-6855; email:  Paul.Pestieau@canada.ca
Bob Jones 613-820-6336; email:  jonesb@ncf.ca
Daria Bradbury 613-949-9119; email:  Daria.Bradbury@dfo-mpo.gc.ca
Hoy Chow 819-938-4429; email:  hoy.chow@canada.ca
Tom Zagon: 613-992-8431; email:  tom.zagon@canada.ca

CANCELLATION:  If you need to cancel, please change your Doodle information as soon as possible or let a contact person know so we can cancel your food order.

NEXT MEETING:  Thursday, November 16th, speaker Cedar Bradley-Swan, CEO of Adventure Canada, on Arctic science tours


The Canadian Association for the Club of Rome (CACOR) (collaborator with CMOS Ottawa)

CACOR cordially invites you to a Luncheon

Title: No one ever dies of overpopulation

Date: Wednesday October 18th 2017

Speaker: Madeline Weld

Time: 12-2pm

Place: Army Officers' Mess, 149 Somerset Street West, Ottawa

Cost:  $25 general admission; $20 for members, their spouses and student guests.  The downstairs ante-room and dining area will be open at 11:30 for those who wish to meet and greet friends and colleagues prior to lunch.

Please confirm attendance by replying to this e-mail on or before Monday October 16th. Please remember that CACOR is responsible for payment of guests who have registered. If you register and need to change your commitment, please inform us as well before Monday October 16th. Thank you for your assistance in this matter.  We unfortunately will follow up with an invoice for those who were not able to honour their commitment.

In order to accommodate all members, associates and guests please indicate your presence to this event as soon as possible.  Please indicate as well your dietary needs.  The Mess can prepare alternatives for either vegetarian or vegan meals.

About the presentation: "Humanity faces a myriad of ecological, economic, and social problems, many of which have no easy or obvious solution.  Every event has many antecedents, and we usually attribute our problems or the occurrence of catastrophic events to the most immediate and obvious antecedents, while overlooking the role of population growth as a major driving factor in creating the conditions for the antecedent events to occur."

About the speaker: Madeline Weld is the president of the Population Institute Canada (PIC), an organization concerned with the implications of human population growth for all life on Earth. She has a B.Sc. in zoology from the University of Guelph and an M.S. and Ph.D. in physiology from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. She worked at the University of Ottawa for many years between 1984 and 2001.  Now retired, she worked in the Food Directorate of Health Canada from 2001 to 2014.  Madeline is also a co-editor of Humanist Perspectives, a quarterly Canadian magazine.

View Ottawa CACOR Web Site


Ottawa Science Exchange and Partner Meeting Notices (notices closest to the current date are on top)

CNS Ottawa Branch Meeting

Point Lepreau Nuclear Generating Station Tsunami Hazard Assessment Derek Mullin Senior Technical Advisor, Reactor Safety Point Lepreau Nuclear Generating Station

Date:            Tuesday 24th October 2017

Location:       The Royal Canadian Air Force Officers' Mess 158 Gloucester St., Ottawa (between Bank and O'Connor)

Time:            6:30 pm Cash bar opens for mix & mingle 7:00 pm Talk starts

On Tuesday 24th October, the Ottawa Branch of the Canadian Nuclear Society (CNS) is pleased to host a presentation by Mr. Derek Mullin, Senior Technical Advisor in the Reactor Safety Department at Point Lepreau Nuclear Generating Station.

The presentation will discuss the tsunami that adversely impacted the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant; and, the resulting work that was done to consider transatlantic tsunamigenic sources and their potential impact on, or hazard for, Point Lepreau Nuclear Generating Station given that it is exposed to the Atlantic Ocean.

Join us at this fine venue, greet new colleagues and former colleagues you have not seen for some time, and join in what will undoubtedly be an interesting discussion period.

Both CNS members and non-members are welcome (there is no fee for admission).

For more information on this event please contact Wei Shen wei.shen@canada.ca


Laurentian SETAC
Ottawa Pub Night

Wednesday, October 25, 2017


Greetings Laurentian SETAC,

Join us for an engaging talk, good eats and fine brew at the next Ottawa Pub Night. Philippe Thomas will discuss his research assessing the effects of PAHs on River Otters (and yes, he will have pictures of these amazing animals!). Socializing, food and drink orders begin at 5:00 pm, the talk begins at 6:00 pm. Get there early for discounted appetizers (available until 6:00 pm).

Title: PAHs as Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals in Free-Ranging River Otters: From Poo to Populations

Speaker: Philippe Thomas, Environment and Climate Change Canada

When: Wednesday October 25th from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m.

Location: Clock Tower Brew Pub, 575 Bank Street, Ottawa

Cost: $1 members, $3 non-members

We look forward to seeing you there!

L-SETAC Ottawa Pub Night Committee



Ottawa Centre Archives - Please follow this link for past meeting notices, slides from recent lunch presentations, executive members, previous speakers by topic and year, minutes of executive meetings and much more.

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