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The Ottawa Centre is comprised of about 90 CMOS members. The Centre holds monthly meetings downtown from September through May.  Our meetings are open to members and the public.  Meetings start with lunch followed by a presentation by an invited speaker and discussion. Occasionally our meetings are joint with partner groups or societies. 

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About every ten years, the Ottawa Centre hosts the annual CMOS Congress.

Outreach activities aimed at high school, university and post graduate students are a priority for the Ottawa Centre. We judge and provide prizes at regional science fairs in Ottawa and Gatineau.


Upcoming Luncheon Meeting - Wednesday 28 February 2018

SPEAKER:  Andrew Stewart, DFO

: Towards a Canadian Integrated Ocean Observation System

ABSTRACT:  Canada's ocean science community which includes the federal government, academia, small businesses, not-for-profit organizations, and other research partners, collect and synthesize physical, chemical and biological ocean observations. This information is used for discovery research purposes, to model ocean changes and provide environmental assessment advice, support resource management decision-making, and establish baseline data for long-term monitoring.

Canada's ocean community collects large amounts of data but, aside from building comprehensive ocean observatories (Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) et al. 2010), there is no easy mechanism to integrate data from various sources to allow the exploration of interrelationships among variables, and no coordination and collaboration mechanism for the ocean community as a whole to generate an efficient system (Ocean Science and Technology Partnership (OSTP), for Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) 2011). Consequently, we observe fragmented and isolated data - which may never be used outside of a specific project because it is not discoverable by other potential end users.

Canada's ocean science community (Wallace et al. 2014), led and supported by Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO), is advancing the development of a Canadian Integrated Ocean Observation System (CIOOS) that brings together and leverages existing Canadian and international ocean observation data into a federated data system which will generate value for users. This integrated ocean observing system (Wilson et al. 2016) will improve coordination and collaboration among diverse data producers, improve access to information for decision making, and enable discovery and access to data to support a wide variety of applied and theoretical research efforts to better understand, monitor, and manage activities in Canada's oceans.

PLACE Rideau Canal Junior Ranks Mess, 4 Queen Elizabeth Drive, Ottawa.  Side entrance, Harmony Room, 4th floor (elevator available)

COST $25 non members; $20 members & their spouses; students $10

TIME 12:00 noon, Wednesday 28 February 2018

MENU:  to be announced 

PARKING:  On street parking in the vicinity

RSVP:  Please confirm your attendance no later than Friday 23 February by Doodle (click here)

Alternatively, please contact any of the following to be added to our list, or if you have problems with Doodle:

Martin Gauthier 613-730 7608 ext 2520; email: martin.gauthier@rwdi.com
Ann McMillan 613-831-5851; email: mcmillan@storm.ca
Paul Pestieau 613-990-6855; email:  Paul.Pestieau@canada.ca
Bob Jones 613-820-6336; email:  jonesb@ncf.ca
Daria Bradbury 613-949-9119; email:  Daria.Bradbury@dfo-mpo.gc.ca
Hoy Chow 819-938-4429; email:   hoy.chow@canada.ca
Tom Zagon: 613-992-8431; email:  tom.zagon@canada.ca

CANCELLATION:  If you need to cancel, please change your Doodle information as soon as possible or let a contact person know so we can cancel your food order.

NEXT MEETING:  Wednesday 28 March, Gilbert Brunet (CMOS Tour Speaker)


The Canadian Association for the Club of Rome (CACOR) (collaborator with CMOS Ottawa)

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Ottawa Science Exchange and Partner Meeting Notices (notices closest to the current date are on top)

Laurentian SETAC
Ottawa Pub Night Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Come and join us on a very special edition of our Ottawa Pub Nights where
graduate students will take the stage. We will host a special student event at
which four current students or recent graduates will compete for the best
presentation on their research topic.

Socializing, food and drink orders begin at *5:00 pm* (discounted
appetizers available until 6:00 pm). The *talks begin at 6:00 pm*.

Our four presenters are:

- *Kirsten Smyth*, MSc Candidate, University of Ottawa - PAH Source
Characterization Surrounding Expanding In-Situ Oil Sands Operations, Cold
Lake, Alberta - *Lauren Gallant*, PhD Candidate, University of Ottawa -
Examining chemical changes in high Arctic lakes historically occupied by the
Thule people - *Sawyer Stoyanovich*, MSc Candidate, University of Ottawa -
Understanding the fate, behaviour and weathering of diluted bitumen (dilbit)
spilled in a freshwater system - *Adelle Strobel,* MSc, Carleton University -
In vitro metabolism of organophosphate esters in polar bears and ringed seals

*When**: Wednesday, February 28 from 5:00 to 7:30 p.m. (Note the extended

* Location: Clock Tower Brew Pub, 575 Bank Street, Ottawa

Cost: $1 members, $3 non-members*

Please follow the link below to get the poster with abstracts and more

We look forward to seeing you there!

L-SETAC Ottawa Pub Night Committee

Download Poster Here*


Ottawa Centre Archives - Please follow this link for past meeting notices, slides from recent lunch presentations, executive members, previous speakers by topic and year, minutes of executive meetings and much more.

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