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The Ottawa Centre is comprised of about 90 CMOS members. The Centre holds monthly meetings downtown from September through May.  Our meetings are open to members and the public.  Meetings start with lunch followed by a presentation by an invited speaker and discussion. Occasionally our meetings are joint with partner groups or societies. 

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About every ten years, the Ottawa Centre hosts the annual CMOS Congress.

Outreach activities aimed at high school, university and post graduate students are a priority for the Ottawa Centre. We judge and provide prizes at regional science fairs in Ottawa and Gatineau.


Upcoming Luncheon Meeting - Wednesday 28 March 2018

SPEAKER:  Gilbert Brunet, MSC

:  On the Genesis and Intensification of Hurricanes.

ABSTRACT:  In general, observations indicate that only a small fraction in a fixed framework (from 140° W to 20° E) covering African to the eastern Pacific regions of the easterly waves that occur in a single hurricane season contribute to tropical cyclogenesis. However, this small fraction includes a large portion of named storms. In addition, a study by Dunkerton et al. (2009) has shown that named storms in the Atlantic and eastern Pacific basins are almost all associated with wave breaking of tropical easterly waves.

Dr. Brunet will discuss fundamental dynamical and physical processes related to hurricane genesis. The finding that coexistence of an African easterly wave that is breaking and a region of weak meridional potential vorticity
(PV) gradient over several days might be a major factor determining whether or not tropical disturbances develop into hurricanes will be discussed. This has answered the long-standing question of why only a small fraction of African easterly waves contribute to hurricane genesis.

Dr. Brunet will also review how well the prediction of hurricane and tropical cyclones has improved in the last two decades.

PLACE Rideau Canal Junior Ranks Mess, 4 Queen Elizabeth Drive, Ottawa.  Side entrance, Harmony Room, 4th floor (elevator available)

COST $25 non members; $20 members & their spouses; students $10

TIME 12:00 noon, Wednesday 28 March 2018

PARKING:  On street parking in the vicinity

RSVP:  Please confirm your attendance no later than Friday 23 March by Doodle (click here)

Alternatively, please contact any of the following to register if you have problems with Doodle:

Martin Gauthier 613-730 7608 ext 2520; email: martin.gauthier@rwdi.com
Ann McMillan 613-831-5851; email: mcmillan@storm.ca
Paul Pestieau 613-990-6855; email:  Paul.Pestieau@canada.ca
Bob Jones 613-820-6336; email:  jonesb@ncf.ca
Daria Bradbury 613-949-9119; email:  Daria.Bradbury@dfo-mpo.gc.ca
Hoy Chow 819-938-4429; email:   hoy.chow@canada.ca
Tom Zagon: 613-992-8431; email:  tom.zagon@canada.ca

CANCELLATION:  If you need to cancel, please change your Doodle information as soon as possible or let a contact person know so we can cancel your food order.

NEXT MEETING:  Wednesday 18 April, in collaboration with CACOR


The Canadian Association for the Club of Rome (CACOR) (collaborator with CMOS Ottawa)

CACOR cordially invites you to a Luncheon

Title: Another Lens for Looking at Space Technologies and Explorations

Date: Wednesday March 21st

Speaker: Larisa Beach,

Time: 12-2pm

Place: Army Officers' Mess, 149 Somerset Street West, Ottawa

Cost: $25 general admission; $20 for members, their spouses and student guests. The downstairs ante-room and dining area will be open at 11:30 for those who wish to meet and greet friends and colleagues prior to lunch.

Please confirm attendance by replying to this e-mail on or before Monday March 19th. Please remember that CACOR is responsible for payment of guests who have registered. If you register and need to change your commitment, please inform us as well before Monday March 19th. Thank you for your assistance in this matter. We unfortunately will follow up with an invoice for those who were not able to honour their commitment.

In order to accommodate all members, associates and guests please indicate your presence to this event as soon as possible. Please indicate as well your dietary needs. The Mess can prepare alternative for either vegetarian or vegan meals.

About the presentation: Space technologies, strategies and business applications have a lot to gain from having a women's issues and perspectives approach. Like in many scientific disciplines the contributions from women are more and more present today. This presentation will focus on where we have been the present and future directions in the aeronautic industry.

"When I first started work (and yes we did have electricity and NO I did not go to work in a horse and buggy - car's had been invented).the environment for women in the workplace was much different that it is now. It was very difficult to bypass the prejudicial thinking that women did not belong in the workplace, couldn't do anything related to mathematics or science and generally could not even dream of a senior role in business" Larisa Beach

About the speaker:

Ms. Larisa Beach, co-founder Neptec Design Group, Ottawa, in 1990, has over 35 years experience in Aerospace. As VP Space Systems & International Business Development (retired) she was responsible for expanding Neptec products globally. Through her active participation on its executive team and board of directors, she helped build Neptec into an award-winning company doing business world-wide and helped develop the successful commercialization strategy to spin off Neptec's space technology into terrestrial markets.

As Program Manager for the NASA Space Vision System and OBSS Laser Camera System, she won NASA's Space Flight Awareness and GEM Awards and led Neptec to win NASA's George M. Low Award and Group Achievement awards.

Previously, at SPAR and Leigh Instruments, her defense projects included Tactical Navigation System (TACAN) and Deployable Flight Incident Recorder (DFIRS).

Ms. Beach loves overcoming programmatic challenges and dealing with professionals from diverse international cultures.

She is currently an executive consultant.

Interesting Links

A 2017 UNESCO report noted that the underrepresentation of women and girls in STEM education can be attributed, in large part, to the persistence of gender stereotypes. The report concluded that "Girls' disadvantage is not based on cognitive ability, but in the socialisation and learning processes within which girls are raised and which shape their identity, beliefs, behaviours and choices."


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