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Postdoctoral position at ECCC -Estimating Anthropogenic Greenhouse Gas Emissions Using Space-Based Data

New postdoctoral position at ECCC:
Estimating Anthropogenic Greenhouse Gas Emissions Using Space-Based Data

The Climate Research Division of Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) has a new opportunity for a postdoctoral researcher in the following area.
Education: PhD in atmospheric science or a related discipline, with experience with spacebased or ground-based remote sensing data. Graduation must be within no more than 3 years from the start of the appointment.

Background Information: Recent research has already demonstrated the potential of existing space-based observations to quantify anthropogenic CO2 emissions at the scale of individual power plants or urban areas. Capabilities are expected to continually improve in the near future with the launch of new satellite missions and with improved datasets from existing missions. The ability to better quantify anthropogenic emissions at these spatial scales is valuable to support national or sub-national climate change mitigation efforts.

Research: The postdoctoral researcher will develop and improve ECCC data analysis and local scale modeling capabilities to apply CO2 observations from existing satellites to the quantification of anthropogenic emissions from individual large facilities and urban areas. The researcher would become an active member of the science teams for NASA’s OCO-2 and OCO-3 missions, while also regularly working with observations of greenhouse gases or
ancillary data from other satellites or instruments (e.g. TROPOMI, etc.) and conduct simulations for future satellite missions. The researcher will collaborate with scientists at ECCC and externally, publish in peer-reviewed journals and attend scientific meetings/conferences.

Technical Skills: Good programming skills are essential, with experience in python and Fortran preferred.

Application Process: Hiring will be conducted through the Government of Canada Postdoctoral Research Program (PRP) inventory. Interested candidates should submit an application by December 1 at:
https://nrcan-rncan.hiringplatform.ca/6355-postdoctoral-research-program-prp/20673-application-form/en  or https://www.nrcan.gc.ca/careers/17880 . The successful candidate will be appointed as a Term Research Scientist (Level 1). Additional information regarding the application process and program is available via the PRP portal.

For questions related to this specific opportunity, contact: Dr. Ray Nassar, Research
Scientist, ray.nassar@canada.ca