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New Membership Code of Conduct

The Membership Code of Conduct was approved during the June 23, 2020 Annual General Meeting.  This code was created to define ethical standards for its members, Council, committees and Centres.  Among the ethical concepts which this code embraces are those of respect, responsibility, fairness, and honesty.  All members will acknowledge adhering to the Membership Code of Conduct when they join or renew their membership.

Society Membership Rates (Effective January 1, 2019):

Membership Type Rate* Publications Included
Regular $95 BULLETIN online
A-O online
Retired $66
Associate $66
Student $0
Sustaining $245
Corporate $190
Atmosphere-Ocean (printed) +$30 shipping
*Same rates for Canadian, US and International members

Categories and Eligibility

Regular:   open to all persons having an interest in meteorology or oceanography.
Retired:   open to persons who have left full time employment. 
Student:   open to full-time students in any Canadian or foreign institution. Student membership will be changed to regular upon an address change or after a maximum of five years.
Associate:   open to members of AMS, AMOS, RMetS and CGU under reciprocal conditions agreed upon by CMOS Council. Proof of such membership must be provided.
Sustaining: open to persons wishing to support the Society.
Corporate: open to companies and other organizations. Each Corporate Member shall nominate one person who shall act on behalf of the organization in all dealings with the Society and have all the privileges of an individual regular member.
Admission to the Society
A completed application form is required for all categories of membership. Applications are reviewed and approved by CMOS Executive. Once approved, the Corresponding Secretary will send a welcome letter and assign the applicant to the nearest local Centre of the Society.  If a membership application is approved before 1 September, membership will be for the current calendar year and back issues of all publications will be provided. After 1 September, it will be assumed that membership starts on the date of approval and ends 31 December of the following year.

Membership Fees

Membership is for the calendar year only and fees are due before 1 January. Annual membership renewal notices are usually emailed in October. Any member whose annual membership fee is not received by March 31 shall have his membership suspended. In case of a late renewal, back issues of the publications will not be provided. A suspended member can be reinstated to full membership without re-approval by the Executive provided there is a lapse of at most two years in the payment of dues. For a longer lapse, any member must re-apply for membership. Membership fees are established for each calendar year at the preceding Annual General Meeting.

Benefits and Privileges

CMOS promotes the views of the membership in scientific fora, lobbies government bodies on behalf of meteorology and oceanography, issues policy statements, and provides opportunities to meet and exchange ideas with colleagues.

Specific Benefits and Privileges

  • Right to vote at the CMOS Annual General Meeting
  • Receipt of publications (depends on category of membership, see Application Form):
    • CMOS Bulletin SCMO: the official newsletter of the Society hosted online at bulletin.cmos.ca and bulletin.scmo.ca. Content is updated regularly, and includes items of professional interest and a variety of articles related to meteorology, climatology, and oceanography.  As a member you  can opt to receive Bulletin e-updates, download and share the bi-monthly compilation of articles as a PDF, and avail of discounted rates for advertising.;
    • ATMOSPHERE-OCEAN (A-O): the principal scientific journal of the Society, published four times a year. It contains results of original research, survey articles, notes, and comments on published papers in all fields of the atmospheric, oceanographic, and hydrological sciences. The printed version includes online access;
    • Congress Program and Abstracts: Congress Program and Abstracts: issued annually by the Local Arrangements Committee responsible for organizing the CMOS Annual Congress, contains a guide and timetable to the Congress sessions and abstracts of papers and posters being presented;
    • Annual Review: a publication, distributed to all members of the Society, summarizing the year's activities and reporting the audited financial statements.
  • Invitation to participate in the specific program of activities of the local Centres.
  • Participation in CMOS Committees
  • Opportunity to attend the annual Congress at members' reduced rate
  • Notification of current hot topic issues in meteorology and oceanography via email, the CMOS members-only web site, the CMOS LinkedIn Metocean Group, Twitter and regular publications
  • Access to CMOS Members Only website, including a web-based directory and other services
  • Participation in the development of CMOS position and policy papers
  • Eligibility for certain CMOS prizes and/or awards
  • Eligibility for CMOS consultant accreditation
  • Eligibility for CMOS weathercaster endorsement
  • Information on programs and initiatives of partners, such as CCF, SCOR, IUGG, PAGSE, CCR and others.

Joint agreements with other scientific societies

Royal Meteorological Society

The RMetS and the CMOS agree to implement reciprocal membership and other privileges set out below.

Membership subscriptions

Members who have paid the appropriate full membership fee of CMOS will have their membership subscription to the other body reduced by 25%. Members of RMetS will be eligible for Associate Membership in CMOS.

Journal Subscriptions

Members of CMOS who pay a reduced subscription to the other body shall be entitled to journal subscriptions at the members' rate for that body.

Conferences and meetings

Members of either body may register for conferences and meetings of either body at the rate applied to members.
CMOS and RMetS will collaborate to run conferences and meetings of mutual interest.

MOU between CMOS and AMS

The Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society (CMOS) and the American Meteorological Society (AMS) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for mutually beneficial interaction. On October 31, 2014, the MOU was signed by both Presidents, Dr. Harinder P. S. Ahluwalia of CMOS and Dr. William B. Gail of AMS.  In 2019 the MOU was extended by both Presidents, Kimberly Strong of CMOS and Jenni Evans of AMS until October 31, 2024.

This MOU will allow CMOS members to join AMS as “Affiliate Members” and with benefits provided to Affiliate Members as outlined on the AMS website, including, but not limited to a subscription to the digital version of the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society BAMS), member rates on all journals, books, and other products of the AMS, and member registration rate for all AMS meetings. The dues rate for Affiliate Members will be set at the time of this MOU as $65 (US), which is approximately 66% of the normal AMS member rate. It is subject to inflationary increases over time at the discretion of the AMS. CMOS members will apply for Affiliate Members status directly with AMS, and AMS will handle all aspects of the application and annual renewal process. Members of CMOS will be asked to provide their CMOS membership number (or other appropriate identification) that can be confirmed with CMOS at the discretion of AMS.

AMS members will receive reciprocal benefits. Several other benefits to both Societies are listed in the MOU. For a full description, please consult the partnership agreement.

MOU between CMOS and AMOS

The Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society (CMOS) and the Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society (AMOS) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for mutually beneficial interaction. In November 2018, the MOU was signed by both Presidents, Paul Kushner of CMOS and Andrew Marshall of AMOS.

This MOU will allow CMOS members to join AMOS as “Reciprocal/Affiliated Members” and with benefits provided to Reciprocal/Affiliated Members as outlined on the AMOS website, including, but not limited to access the digital version of the Bulletin of the Australian Meteorological & Oceanographic Society, and access to career and employment opportunities. The dues rate for Reciprocal/Affiliate Members will be equal to the professional retired member rate.  CMOS members will apply for Reciprocal/Affiliate Members status directly with AMOS, and AMOS will handle all aspects of the application and annual renewal process. Members of CMOS will be asked to provide their CMOS membership number (or other appropriate identification) that can be confirmed with CMOS at the discretion of AMOS.

AMS members will receive reciprocal benefits. Several other benefits to both Societies are listed in the MOU. For a full description, please consult the CMOS - AMOS agreement .