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Session Proposal Submission - 54th CMOS Congress (close)

The Themes under which scientific and technical sessions will be organized are, in no order of priority:

  1. Risks and Impacts of Climate Change on the Resilience of Major Sectors
  2. Tornadoes and Other Extreme Weather Events Impacting Canadians
  3. Oceans and Ice in a Changing Climate
  4. Floods and Water Crises in Canada and Globally
  5. Impacts of A Changing Climate in the Arctic
  6. Climate-Weather-Water and Food
  7. Pollution of the Air, Water and Ecosystems
  8. The Cryosphere – Impacts Locally to Globally

To initiate a session for the 2020 54th CMOS Congress in Ottawa, please submit by email your proposal to the co-chairs of the Science Programme Committee Gordon McBean and Leonard Barrie (gmcbean@uwo.ca and Leonardbarrie@gmail.com) with the following:

  1. Session title (up to 40 characters),
  2. Name, affiliation and contact details of session convener(s)
  3. Description (300 words max) of the scientific content of the session. The Call for on-line abstract submissions will be issued on 1 December 2019 with a deadline of 1 February 2020.
  4. Relationship of the proposed Session to the Theme(s).

Session proposals should be received by 28 November 2019.